Aloha Petroleum, Ltd Fuel Truck Driver Kauai in Honolulu, Hawaii

MORE INFORMATION ABOUT THIS JOB: OVERVIEW: PRIMARY PURPOSE: Under minimal supervision ensures the safe and efficient loading and delivery of hazardous materials. ESSENTIAL DUTIES/FUNCTIONS: * Has the physical and mental ability to operate a commercial fuel truck/trailer in a safe and expert manner in any traffic, weather and timing. * Has a thorough knowledge of all applicable laws and company procedures and is committed to complying with them at all times. * Inspects assigned vehicle prior to and at end of shift; reports any mechanical deficiencies to the appropriate persons. * Has a full understanding of load rack operations. * Has a full understanding of delivery site location tank layouts and truck offloading procedures. * Ensures that the truck is loaded and unloaded within company policy as well as D.O.T./Environmental guidelines. * Uses all resources available (dispatch, site maps, tank labeling, consult with senior personnel, etc,) to ensure that the correct products are delivered to the correct customer storage tanks and locations. * Utilizes the delivery site s automated inventory management system (Telapoint, Levelcon, etc.) to confirm, whenever possible, that the dispatched quantity will fit safely prior to loading. * Has a full understanding of a transport Bill of Lading and advises the appropriate person(s) of any discrepancies requiring corrections. * Identifies Emergency Matters; and notifies the appropriate personnel as necessary. * Documents tank opening / closing; product and water levels on the customer BOL. * Prior to starting a delivery, uses the opening product levels to perform calculations to ensure the quantity shown on the BOL will fit. * Post delivery, uses the opening and closing product levels, to perform calculations to ensure that the quantities shown on the BOL were completely and correctly delivered. * Has a working understanding of load rack procedures/policies at outside supply points for loading of product not carried at Aloha Petroleum terminals. * Must be able to meet all physical and mental demands of the job. Daily Duties: * Completes a Daily Truck Inspection Report. * Completes a Driver s Daily Shift Report. * Maintains a record of daily/weekly on duty hours in accordance with D.O.T. guidelines. * Completes daily timekeeping requirements. * Completes work as assigned. Periodic Duties: * Attends monthly safety meetings. * Takes and passes - DOT Drivers Physical (usually every 2-years). * Maintains all Hazmat certifications (usually every 3-years). * Attends Driver Improvement Program training (usually once per year). * Must be able to pass required Drug and Alcohol Testing. Occasional Duties: * Other duties/jobs as assigned by the Transportation Manager. WORKING CONDITIONS: Equipment Use: * Truck and Trailer * Automated Inventory Management Systems * Load Rack * Storage tanks * Computer Work Hours: * Bids on work shift according to work seniority in Driver group MENTAL DEMANDS: * Demonstrates independent judgment and good organization of work assignments. * Demonstrates the importance of professionalism and achievement. * Always demonstrates quality customer service. PHYSICAL DEMANDS: * Physical dexterity and strength necessary to safely enter into and exit from delivery vehicles, including cab-over and conventional tractors. * Physical dexterity to enable squatting and bending as necessary to connect/disconnect delivery elbows and drop hoses. *